About Us

Be Unique Unlimited NPC is founded by Wilmarie Janse van Rensburg, the 1st women to race Superbikes professionally in South Africa and compete Internationally. She has over 25 years’ experience in business development and education. Wilmarie is committed to making a difference in the lives of our Youth and Animals.

The Be Unique Unlimited (BUU) Company Vision is simple but effective;

Create Animal Welfare career opportunities through Training and employment of successful candidates. The Be Unique Unlimited NPC Job creation program plays a vital role in building sustainable and healthy communities. The more Jobs BUU create, the more Animal Welfare Organisations can be assisted to minimise and ultimately prevent Animal Cruelty.

Be Unique Unlimited NPC is a voice for those who can’t speak. We believe in educating the Youth and adding maintainable value to their lives, their families and the Animals. The Prevention of Animal Cruelty through effective and accountable governance is possible through the right educational & employment programs that we offer. We believe in building long term sustainable and trustworthy relationships with other Animal Welfare Organisations and Companies by being 100% transparent and professional through each and every service that we offer.

Currently the Youth unemployment number in South Africa is more than 9.1 million youth. That is a 75 % unemployment rate for the Youth. Our Mission is to source funding & also create sustainable funding opportunities to help empower and employ the Youth, Educate the public and                      Prevent Animal Cruelty 

Our Core Values

  • Be a voice for those who can’t speak.
  • Educate the Youth and add sustainable value to their lives.
  • Prevent Animal Cruelty through effective and accountable governance.
  • Build long term sustainable relationships through trust and transparency of personal and professional service Provisions. 

There are a few things that differentiates us from other Animal Welfare Organisations;

  • We are Not an Animal holding facility
  • We are Focused on creating employment that enforces the Animal Protection Act
  • Our resolution is to provide Youth with opportunities to develop their Life Skills that will make a positive difference in their own lives and the lives of their communities and Animals.

“In Short Summary we enable the Youth to help prevent Animal cruelty through a sustainable career”

How can you benefit from supporting our company? Funding from your organisation will help us achieve our vision but can also be a great benefit to your organisation;

It can promote loyalty and improved brand recognition that may result in increased market share, sales and shareholders. These donations can also assist your organisation with meeting Governmental Requirements in terms of Skills Development, Job Creation, B-BBEE compliance and other Social Responsibilities.

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Our Corporate Governance

Bekezela Maposa


Dr Bekezela Maposa also known as Beke, is one of the most experienced and sought after Vets in South Africa. With over 22 years’ experience and many years’ service for the University of Pretoria, Bekezela is considered to be one of the most experienced and respected veterinarians in our country. 

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Connie Zietsman


With over 35 years’ experience in business management and sales, Connie Zietsman is excited to share what she’s learned over the years with the Be Unique Unlimited Team. Connie has built up two successful businesses with her experience and amiable character. 

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Marie-Louise Janse van Rensburg


Marie-Louise comes from a highly successful business background in the achievement of profitable business growth through the creation and execution of successful sales and marketing strategies.

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Wilmarie Janse van Rensburg

Founder & CEO

Some call her Superwoman! This title given by the media ]is fitting for what Wilmarie has done throughout her personal and professional life during the last 25 years. Wilmarie is known for being the 1st in South Africa with many things.

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Qhawekazi Candy Hlope

Non-Executive Director

Qhawekazi also known as Candy is our youngest member but with the heart of a lion. Her passion for people and animals is the driving force behind every step she takes. 

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Nonhle Nomonde Shabane

Non-Executive Director

Nomonde is passionate about numbers and teaching young people about it as well. She has many years’ experience in Financial Administration,
Creditors and Debtors control, Payroll processing and customer service reconciliation services. 

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