Did You know that you can specify a category for your donation with us to assist with any compliance needs in specific areas.


Organisational & Operational Support

Any private donations or funds from purchasing items from us will automatically go towards operational costs for example; salaries of staff and inspectors, rentals, phone bills, vehicles, maintenance etc. Everything that is required to equip the Inspectors to be re-active and pro-active to help minimise and prevent Animal Cruelty


Funds to train up an inspector

An Inspector course is valued at R30 000, however because we are able to provide 90% of the training in-house, the actual training cost is R15 000 per student. The course consist of theory and practical training to equip inspectors to enforce the Animal Protection Act responsibly. Once an Inspector is qualified, he or she can earn a salary of between R120 000 & R240 000 per annum. If you would like to make a donation towards this then you can a) donate the amount required for the cost of the course. You can also assist with the salary for the student whom you've sponsored.


Funds to educate the public

Funds required to educate the public will go towards social media campaigns, radio campaigns and more to help create awareness of how important it is to help create jobs for the youth and prevent animal cruelty. Our aim is to show the benefit in combining Youth Employment and the Animal Inspector Training Course. This helps with job creation and the prevention of Animal Cruelty. Our campaigns can also highlight donor logos where possible and required.


Funds for rural & school outreaches

Funds for rural and school outreaches go towards traveling cost, staff costs, veterinarian costs and all cost related to treating animals in the aim to prevent cruelty. Where necessary food and housing and other items will be given to support communities. Flyers and other educational material also form part of these outreaches to help educate the public on what animal cruelty is, and how to prevent/stop it. The consequences of cruelty Is also an important element to educate the public on. Knowledge is key.

Be Unique Unlimited NPC is a voice for those who can’t speak. We believe in educating the Youth and adding maintainable value to their lives, their families and the Animals. The Prevention of Animal Cruelty through effective and accountable governance is possible through the right educational & employment programs that we offer. We believe in building long term sustainable and trustworthy relationships with other Animal Welfare Organisations and Companies by being 100% transparent and professional through each and every service that we offer.

In Summary we enable the Youth to help prevent Animal cruelty through a sustainable career.

How can you benefit from supporting our company? Funding from your organisation will help us achieve our vision but can also be a great benefit to your organisation;

It can promote loyalty and improved brand recognition that may result in increased market share, sales and shareholders. These donations can also assist your organisation with meeting Governmental Requirements in terms of Skills Development, Job Creation, B-BBEE compliance and other Social Responsibilities.

Thank you in advance for your consideration in helping us make a sustainable and much needed difference in South Africa.